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Sewer backup in your basement? Here’s what to do.


The floor drain or toilet has backed up and has flooded your basement with water and sewage.  You need to call a professional water damage cleanup and emergency restoration company…fast.


Sewage backup in your basement is not only damaging to the structure of your home and furnishings, it is also dangerous to your health. Sewage and drain backup water contains bacteria, viruses and germs that can cause disease and illness.


At ServiceMaster Restore of Peterborough, we provide 24/7 emergency restoration services for flooding due to sewage and drain backups. We have the resources to respond immediately, with the expertise and specialty equipment required to professionally remove the excess water and sewage from your home and restore it to a healthy condition.


You can count on us to clean and sanitize the affected areas, to eliminate the bacteria and germs and prevent future growth of dangerous mold. We use professional-grade air movers to ventilate and dry the area and special dehumidification equipment and monitoring systems to remove moisture from the air.


When sewer or drain backup happens in your basement, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore of Peterborough. With one call, we're at your side providing expert guidance along with the resources and know-how to fix the problem fast. And throughout the process, we strive to minimize disruptions, answer all your questions, and guide you every step of the way.


ServiceMaster Restore of Peterborough takes pride in Restoring Peace of Mind® by providing professional residential sewer and drain backup cleaning and water damage restoration services to homeowners. We work directly and collaboratively with our customers to provide outstanding results. We will guide you through the restoration process to your home, every step of the way. Day or night, we are available to take your call 24/7, every day of the year.


The experts at ServiceMaster Restore of Peterborough work to get the job done right and stay by your side until you are satisfied with the results.


When the unforeseen happens, call the sewage backup cleaning and water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restore of Peterborough right away.


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Why do sewer backups happen after a storm?

Sewer backups occur when the volume of water run-off from a storm is greater than a drainage system's capacity.

There are 2 ways water can enter your basement during and after heavy rain storms:

  1. During heavy rains, the water level rises in the sewer system which causes water to backflow through the sewer pipeline into your basement.
  2. Water can come into your basement after a heavy rain when the overland flow of storm water enters through an opening such as a door, window or cracks in your home’s foundation. (this doesn’t relate to sewer backups).


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